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Crossing the River


ABOUT ME: About Me
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And here's my story:

​Do you feel like you’ve faced one health challenge after another your entire life? Do you believe that there is something more you could be doing for yourself that your doctors haven’t figured out? Well, I can relate!

I wasn’t trying to be a difficult child, but my mother tells me that I was always crying and wouldn’t eat anything in my first two years of life. She had good instincts and asked the doctor if I could possibly be allergic to milk but he said I was fine because I had chubby cheeks and laughed easily. This   began my lifelong journey to becoming a health coach.  From a young age, I struggled with digestive issues and was eventually diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance in college. Fun times! Then, as a young mother I had mercury poisoning when I had amalgam fillings removed incorrectly and then replaced with MORE amalgam fillings. A few years later, I gradually gained 20 lbs. and started wearing sweater sets (not my best fashion look) because I was so cold. I had horrible brain fog, ringing in my ears, hardly any eyebrows and was so exhausted that I would go right to bed after teaching all day. I was blessed enough to find a functional medicine doctor who  diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. She worked with me to find a natural medication and sent me to a biological dentist where I had all my amalgams and root canals removed. This took care of many of my issues, but I was not done yet as a few years later I started developing horrible rashes on my face and neck along with food allergies. I was the queen of scarf-wearing and I spent way too much time removing the peeling skin off of my face and covering the redness with makeup. After elimination diets, giving up gluten completely and managing my stress from work, my rashes finally started to go away!


As a Special Education teacher, I was often frustrated by what snacks were offered to students as well as the teachers in the teacher’s lounge which was always full of sugary snacks, doughnuts and pizza. I knew my colleagues would feel better and have more energy for the students if they changed the way they ate. The nagging feeling of wanting to do something about it didn’t go away and I found myself searching once again, this time for a health coach program. My doctor, who was a certified Functional Medicine doctor from the Institute of Functional Medicine,  suggested FMCA and I knew it was a perfect fit for me.


Because of my long health journey, I have become passionate about helping others to start their own. I am nationally board certified as a health & wellness coach and trained in behavior change, positive psychology coaching, Functional Medicine, and nutrition as well as mind-body medicine so I can help you see what you’ve been doing right all along and build on that slowly to make lasting lifestyle changes that fit into your busy life. I know what it’s like to be stressed with work, family, and life in general and and I want to help you find doable solutions so you can take better care of yourself, feel awesome and have fun every day of your life. I help people change when change is HARD!

ABOUT ME: About Me



  • You're ready to take charge of your health, but you don't know where to start.

  • You want more energy to do the activities that you've always enjoyed.

  • Your doctor has recommended diet and lifestyle changes and you need help.

  • You have a chronic illness and you want to manage it better.

  • You're concerned that you might be at risk of developing a chronic illness and you want to prevent it!


If you can relate to any of these statements, I can help you!

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