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Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll build out your personalized wellness plan. 

 Packages includes 1 foundational session for 60 minutes and follow-up sessions either weekly for 30 minutes or every  two weeks for 50 minutes.


This program is for people who are motivated and already have an idea about what they want to do to get healthier and need an accountability partner and some support.


This program is perfect for someone who is new to discovering healthy ways. Maybe your doctor recommended lifestyle changes such as exercise, eating better, managing stress or you just want to start feeling bettere and you aren't sure where to begin. 


Group coaching is a great way to get coached with your friends! Groups will meet for 60 minutes a week for 6 weeks to discuss various topics: Weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, managing stress or a subject of your choosing.  Each person will get 3 private 30 minute sessions: an introductory session,  one halfway through the program and a closing session.  By request.

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