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What They Say

A personal  health coach is something that always seemed like a good idea. However, time and money would dissuade me from pursuing what seemed to be a luxury. Now that i have completed ten sessions with Kathy, I can readily attest to what a valuable service she provides as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Her balance of professionalism, combined with her genuine caring, was exactly what I needed. Kathy gave attention to all components of my health: emotional, mental, and physical. Each week she carefully listened to what I shared. I so appreciated how she acknowledged and validated my thoughts, feelings, and life situations. This in turn allowed me to give them credence. Kathy was skillfully able to help me take all that was swirling in my mind and heart and focus it on specific weekly manageable goals. I can attest to the betterment of my life because of Kathy's coaching. It was a wonderful and highly beneficial investment of my resources. It was such a positive experience that I now say having a health coach is not a luxury but a critical asset to maintaining a productive and healthy life and I highly recommend Kathy Ianni to fill that need.


It was eye-opening to listen to some of your suggestions that I hadn't considered. The piece of advice I would give someone is the anchoring of a new habit with a habit you're already doing. That is a game changer! Thanks Kathy!!!


Upon being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and trying conventional medicines which did not work for me, I knew I needed to take my health into my own hands holistically. Kathy helped guide me tremendously. She provided new ideas to improve my overall heath, tools and held me accountable. Having a health coach like Kathy brought my confidence and self-discipline to a new level. Making your health a priority and taking steps towards long term improvements and solutions are the best steps you can take for yourself


Working with Kathy, I made progress in an area of my life where I felt truly “stuck” and unable to progress, despite my best intentions. Kathy asked deep questions and listened without judgment, and that sparked important insights in my thinking. I’ve been able to make lasting changes in my stress and struggle with overcommitment and time management after years of spinning my wheels. My health has improved as my stress level diminished. I trust her, and I always felt accepted with compassion when we met. On top of that, working together was fun! All in all, I value the time I have spent with Kathy—it has made a lasting difference in my life.


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